Pigs and Related Equipment

PBB, as an official / exclusive representative of internationally renowned manufacturers, is in position for supplying almost all types of PU related pigs such as Bi-Di pigs, displacers, spheres, foam pigs, standard diagnostic calibration, brush, magnetic pigs sized from 4 to 56 inches.

A standard pig has a simple and reliable construction that allows you to change the configuration quickly for achieving the best cleaning results. It's possible to use 3-4 cleaning elements, cleaning pipelines from deposits and thereby improving performance.

Pigs can be fitted with a combination of components including cups, discs, brushes, plough blades, gauge plates, magnets and tracking equipment.

In a complete set of scrapers – calipers, except calibration disks determining the pipe diameter, collars and disks can be used for pipeline cleaning as well.

Brush pigs clean the pipeline from paraffin deposits, condensate, rust and various debris.

A magnetic scraper is equipped with metal brushes and magnets used for the removal of ferromagnetic materials, electrodes and other debris.

The quality of our products has been certified by multiple affiliates of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum, as well as international companies.